The energy in this track is wild! Ripping instrumentals capture the listener from the first note and keep them held hostage as they're handed powerful vocal flows, unique transitions, big catchy hooks, and spot-on production work. This is Ska-Punk at its finest, and we're kicking ourselves that we only just now discovered these guys.”

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What happens when you blend ska, reggae, dub, funk, melodic punk rock, and Latin rock music? Los Inconformes probably have the best answer to this question. Their latest single has these sonic elements combined into a slab of energetic, uplifting, danceable, entertaining ska punk music.”

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Los Inconformes’s IV is a fast-paced project where the band displays their brand of ska while mixing it with a few different sounds. Thus, making it an entertaining experience that doesn’t overstay its welcome.”


“RRRatas” speaks to everyone, doesn’t matter what language you understand. This track is touching on social and political criticisms to many of our political class worldwide, get ready to get down because “RRRatas” is starting a riot. ”

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RRRatas! A wild, wild musical experience with a top-notch performance and pristine production.”

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Their single 'RRRatas' is taken from their latest album 'IV' and is a cool track that starts with its reckless swirl of music, giving a fast beat and revealing the impulsive structure of the composition.”

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An air of Latin Rock embarks us this afternoon with Los Inconformes who once again demonstrates his musical genius with his album IV and the song "RRRatas". ”

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Los Inconformes has a toe-tapping, heart-pumping sound. Taken off their album IV, an album that showcases their versatility in content, ‘RRRatas’ touches on the social and political circumstances of modern-day society. ”

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The features of the instrumentation add a quietly dazzling and bopping movement, yet the anchoring of the acoustic guitar and the steady percussion beats keep the ambiance rooted in its flavors.”

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Los Inconformes, una de las bandas más protagónicas del ska boricua.”

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